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Nanomaterials, catalysts and other composite materials

Within this research group are synthesized, characterized and tested the different forms of catalytic materials - solid catalysts and dispersed systems, inorganic nanostructured materials, carbon and boron nanotubes.

  • Prof. PhD. Eng. Diana Cursaru - responsible
  • Prof. PhD. Eng. Dragoș Ciuparu
  • Prof. PhD. Eng. Paul Roșca
  • Prof. PhD. Eng. Dorin Stanică - Ezeanu
  • Assoc. Prof. PhD. Eng.Traian Jugănaru
  • Assoc. Prof. PhD. Chem. Sonia Mihai
  • Assoc. Prof. PhD. Eng. Daniela Popovici
  • Assoc. Prof. PhD. Eng. Emilia Oprescu
  • Assistant Prof. PhD. Eng. Anca Borcea
  • Assistant Prof. PhD. Eng. Andreea Bondarev
  • Assistant Prof. PhD. Chem. Cătălina Călin
  • Assistant Prof. PhD. Eng. Cristina Dușescu - Vasile
  • Assistant Prof. PhD. Eng. Rami Doukeh
  • Assistant Prof. PhD. Eng. Liviu Filotti
  • Assistant Prof. PhD. Chem. Ana-Maria Manta
  • Assistant Prof. PhD. Eng. Dănuța Matei
Ultima actualizare:
Thursday, 29 February 2024, 15:13